HaCohen Hebrew Translation                                      הכהן תרגום אנגלית


Medical documents

We have extensive experience translating many different kinds of medical documents. We have translated documents for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinics. Whether it's hospital records, clinical trial documents, medical articles, handwritten doctor's notes or personal medical files, we have the knowledge and experience to accurately translate your document using the appropriate medical terminology. 


Legal documents

We specialize in the translation of all kinds of legal documents. Our translators have a legal background and are familiar with the legal terminology and nuances. We can handle court documents, real estate contracts and other agreements, evidentiary and investigation material, legal correspondence and much more. We have worked on legal material involving high-profile cases, companies and individuals, and confidentiality is always guaranteed.


Financial and business documents

We have experience handling financial and business documents for many large companies, small businesses and private individuals. We have extensive experience translating financial data and tax documents for accountants, with an emphasis on accuracy and confidentiality. We have also assisted with the translation of all kinds of international business material- contracts, sales, marketing material, websites, product manuals, correspondence, surveys and questionnaires.


Religious material

Our translators have a background in religious studies and can accurately translate many types of religious material. Whether it is biblical or Talmudic passages, rabbinic writings from the Middle Ages, or religious sermons, articles, commentary or rulings from the modern era, it is essential for the translator to have a proper understanding of the context in which the material was written and the nuances of the particular author in order to provide an accurate translation. We specialize in Jewish material, but we also have experience with material from the other monotheistic faiths.


Political material

Our translators have a background in political science and political journalism, and are well-versed in political terminology. We have worked on political campaigns in both the US and Israel, we have translated material for government offices and officials, and we are familiar with the political dynamics in both countries. This allows us to accurately translate a political message and present it effectively and coherently for the target audience. We also translate political articles, speeches, press releases, political profiles, correspondence and interviews.



We have helped numerous immigrants and international job seekers translate their resumes into the language of the country where they are seeking employment. A poorly translated resume may be what stands between you and the job you seek. We will help your resume stand out.


Certificates and personal documents

We specialize in the translation of birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, ID cards, diplomas, transcripts, award and recommendation letters, and any other personal documents that may require translation.

We put an emphasis on accurate and consistent spelling of names according to the client's specifications and needs.


Personal correspondence

We can handle handwritten and typed letters, emails, internet chats, or text messages. The nuances of a personal conversation between people who don't share a mother tongue can often impact relationships. So we put an emphasis on accurately translating every word based on the context. Confidentiality is guaranteed.


Academic articles

Our translators have academic degrees from some of the top universities in the US and Israel. This allows us to understand and accurately translate a broad range of academic material. Whether it's a scholarly article from a journal or website, a thesis or academic paper, a professor's lecture or a chapter/section of a book, don't hesitate to contact us.



We have translated legal biographies, historical and political non-fiction, and theological and religious booklets.

We are also available for novels, autobiographies and children's books. We understand how important it is for the author and publisher that the translation maintains the authenticity and style of the source, and we do our best to preserve the author's "voice" in the translation. During the book translation process we always do extensive research on the book's topic to make sure that we have a general understanding of the material that we are translating and we are in constant contact with the author and/or client regarding any questions that may arise. We also offer a sample translation of a small section of your book free of charge, so that you can decide if you are comfortable with the translator's style before you decide if you wish to proceed with the entire project.


Arabic translation

While we specialize in Hebrew translation, we recognize that many of our clients - when dealing with the Middle East - have a need for Arabic translation as well. We therefore hired a qualified Hebrew-Arabic and English-Arabic translator, who is fluent in all three languages and is available to assist with your Arabic translation needs. So if you have a project that involves both Hebrew and Arabic, there is no need to search for another translator. We can handle all of your needs right here.