HaCohen Hebrew Translation                                      הכהן תרגום אנגלית

About Us

HaCohen Hebrew Translation was founded in 2005 by Aharon HaCohen, a bilingual American-Israeli, while he was studying at Brandeis University. What began as a part-time college job, developed into a multi-faceted business that employs a team of dedicated professional translators. We started out with a focus on personal and business documents, but as the demand for professional translation increased - due to an expansion of international commerce between Israel and English-speaking countries - we expanded into many other fields, including medical, legal, political and religious documents, as well as books and articles, and even Arabic. We work with all types of clients - from private individuals and authors to small businesses, law offices, publishers, hospitals, large companies, courts, government departments and agencies.


The internet has created a revolution in the translation industry, and this first and foremost benefits you - the client. Long gone are the days when you had to mail or fax a document, wait days for a quote, and then perhaps weeks or months until you received the completed translation. Email allows us to be available and attentive to your inquiries and requests during most hours of the day. HaCohen Hebrew Translation prides itself on promptly responding to your inquiries and we make every reasonable effort to provide quotes and/or availability within a few hours of initial contact. More importantly, we won't commit to a project before we are certain that we can meet the deadline that we agreed to, and that we are capable of providing high-quality translation of the material that was submitted. For us, translation is not a hobby. It is a professional commitment, something which hundreds of satisfied repeat clients can attest to.


We also must stress that we are NOT an agency. We do not outsource projects to random freelancers. All of the translations are performed by our own translators, and you can be assured that the person who is translating your material is qualified and professional, and the material will undergo proofreading and editing before it is submitted. We are a small business, and you can therefore expect to receive the kind of personal attention that you are unlikely to get from some of the larger agencies.


HaCohen Hebrew Translation looks forward to helping you with all of your Hebrew translation needs.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions or inquiries.